Mini Cooper S F56 - JB4

Mini Cooper S F56 - JB4

This is the latest Mini Cooper S and uses the B48 2.0 petrol turbo 4 cylinder engine coming with a claimed 189 bhp and 300 nm of torque. This car already had a few aftermarket modifications such as the upgraded air intake system, cat-back exhaust, lowering springs and Pro race 1.2's. With these modifications coupled with premium fuel when we tested the car, it managed to produce 207 bhp and 337 nm of torque!

With initial testing complete we installed the JB4 and re-tested the car with map 1 and map 2. Map 1 provides a nice increase but is primarily used for those who use 95 ron fuel (something we don't recommend) whereas map 2 gave a much better gain providing more power and torque throughout the rpm range. 

Power gained: 36 bhp

Torque gained: 52 nm

Mini Cooper S rolling road dyno graph

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