Mini One D - CustomPro remap and H&R lowering springs

Mini One D - CustomPro remap and H&R lowering springs

The owner of this car is related to somebody who is no stranger to tuning cars and has had work done to his BMW M235i previously by us. This is the new F56 Mini One with the 95 bhp 1.5 diesel engine. This car also comes in a 115 bhp version of the same engine so is already down 20 bhp thanks to the factory de-tune. This is great news for us, and customers, because it allows them to buy a cheaper car, paying less insurance/road tax etc. then come to us and still receive the great benefit a more expensive model would receive!

Whilst the car was in we also supplied and fitted a set of 30mm H&R lowering springs which drastically changed the aesthetics of the car! The pictures below show the huge difference a set of inexpensive lowering springs can have. With H&R supplying them, you know they're brilliant quality and still retain the standard comfort level, with improved handling capabilities.

Mini One standard suspension Mini One F56 H&R lowering springs suspension

With the springs installed, we moved the car onto our four wheel drive capable rolling road where we could begin tuning the car. As expected, the car made slightly over the claimed 95 bhp producing 99 bhp and 235 nm of torque. After various software revisions and bench programming the final output was produced which can be seen below.

Power gained: 47 bhp

Torque gained: 111 nm

Mini One d F56 rolling road dyno graph

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