Mk7 Golf GTI - Milltek cat-back system

Mk7 Golf GTI - Milltek cat-back system

The owner of this Volkswagen mk7 Golf GTi was looking for an exhaust system which was fairly similar to stock but with a little bit more noise, and black tailpipes to hide away underneath the bumper. The Milltek E-marked system was exactly what he was looking for so purchased it straight away. The next day the system arrived and we wasted no time in fitting the exhaust. The tailpipes look perfect filling the cutout in the bumper and with them being black don't detract too much attention away from the car.

As always with Milltek, the fitting was straight forward and everything fitted together perfectly with a lot of room for adjustment to suit the customers taste in tailpipe location.

mk7 Golf GTI stock system

The stock system (albeit on a fairly new car) was looking a little bit worse for wear and gave very little to no exhaust noise!

Mk7 Golf GTi Milltek cat-back

The new Milltek cat-back system fitted with the tailpipes fitting the bumper perfectly!

There will be videos to come once the exhaust has been fitted to the car for a few hundred miles, so keep an eye out for that!

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