Nissan X-Trail 1.6 DiG-T - Dyno testing

Nissan X-Trail 1.6 DiG-T - Dyno testing

The new Nissan X-Trail now comes in a 1.6 petrol turbo and comes standard with a factory claimed 163 bhp. Our friends at Bluespark have been developing a tuning box designed to work with this engine. Unlike many other compnies who offer "cheap plug in boxes" Bluespark develop theres and test them with real data from our dyno whilst adapting the box based on the data they receive. These are customers cars who in the end receive a brilliant product which has had some actual development and testing so there is proof you are getting what is advertised.

Power gained: 25 bhp @ 3,900 rpm

Torque gained: 36 nm

Nissan X-Trail 1.6 dig-t rolling road dyno graph

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