Range Rover Overfinch 3.0 TDV6 - CustomPro remap software

Range Rover Overfinch 3.0 TDV6 - CustomPro remap software

After having a Jaguar XF previously remapped with us in the past, the owner wasted no time in booking in his new Range Rover Sport with the 3.0 TDV6 engine, 258 bhp model. The car was previously mapped but after knowing how well these engines perform after a remap, knew the car didn't drive as well as it should.

This was evident when we looked into the software that was on the vehicle. There was a lot of important sections which had been missed which is what allows the vehicle to make power. After initial dyno testing this was confirmed when the vehicle made just about stock power and torque, or what we would expect this vehicle to make.

We then flashed the vehicle back to stock and carried on with our CustomPro ECU calibration remap software. The graph below shows the car when it came in on the previous remap software, compared to our CustomPro software.

Power gained: 52 bhp

Torque gained: 48 ftlb

Range Rover 3.0 TDV6 CustomPro ECU remap dyno graph

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