Skoda Octavia VRS - JB1 to JB4 upgrade

Skoda Octavia VRS - JB1 to JB4 upgrade

This is the new MQB chassis Skoda Octavia VRS with 220 bhp as standard. This car had already been to us for installation of the JB1 when it was a new product, but since then the JB4 has been released allowing map switching, additional power and much more.

When the car was brought in we installed the JB1 to JB4 upgrade kit to tie in nicely with the Revo air intake kit the car already had installed, supplied by ourselves. With the JB1 the car produced 284 bhp and we've seen other cars with the same engine and JB4 making over 300 bhp, so that was our target.

With the JB1 upgrade complete, we put the car on the rolling road and began testing. The results can be seen below.

Power: 309 bhp

Torque: 450 nm

Skoda Octavia VRS rolling road graph

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