Toyota Proace 2.0 D4D - CustomPro remap

Toyota Proace 2.0 D4D - CustomPro remap

This is the 2.0 D4D turbo diesel Toyota Proace van. The standard factory claimed figure is 128 bhp, but there is also another version which comes standard with 168 bhp. As you've probably realised by now, the 128 bhp model is a de-tuned version of the 168 model, meaning we can get a huge increase in power and torque.

Initially the owner booked in for a Stage 1 remap, looking to improve drivability and fuel economy, but upon learning that it is a de-tuned engine, opted for our CustomPro software to really improve the performance!

You can see the results below and the owner said he hasn't stopped smiling since it has been remapped.

Power gained: 54 bhp

Torque gained: 97 nm

Toyota Proace 2.0 D4D rolling road dyno graph


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