Toyota Urban Cruiser - Stage 1 remap

Toyota Urban Cruiser - Stage 1 remap

Recently we carried out a Stage 1 remap on a Dacia Sandero which the owner found was lacking power. Since we remapped it we had brilliant feedback explaining how well the car now drives and because of this he booked his other car in for the same treatment.

This is the Toyota Urban Cruiser and comes with a peppy 1.4 turbo diesel engine attached to a four wheel drive system! As you can imagine, the weight of the four wheel drive system hinders the performance of the small diesel engine, so we began working on it to improve power, torque, drivability and fuel economy. With the small engine limiting what we can offer in terms of performance, the main focus was how well the car drove with a nice improvement in fuel economy.

Power gained: 13 bhp in the mid range

Torque gained: 30 nm @ 2,250 rpm

Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.4D rolling road dyno graph

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