Volkswagen Golf 1.9 105 - CustomPro remap

Volkswagen Golf 1.9 105 - CustomPro remap

Back in October we gave away a free CustomPro remap to the value of £349 for a charity event where all proceeds were going to the North East air ambulance service. The winner of the voucher brought his mk5 Volkswagen Golf with the 1.9 turbo diesel engine with a standard 105 bhp.

With the car on the rolling road, we applied our CustomPro software. After remapping many of these vehicles we knew exaclty what changes were required. Once the software had been installed on the ECU, we performed another rolling road test to give us the final output which can be seen below.

Power gained: 40 bhp @ 3,300 rpm

Torque gained: 65 ftlb @ 3,300 rpm

Volkswagen Golf 1.9 105 rolling road dyno graph

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