Volkswagen Golf GTi - Software upgrade

Volkswagen Golf GTi - Software upgrade

The owner brought this Volkswagen mk6 Golf GTi (manual) to us the back end of last year for our CustomPro remap back when the car was completely standard. In the months between November and February he added a 3" decat downpipe and came back to us for a Stage 2 upgrade. At this point the car still had the standard clutch fitted so we installed a clutch safe Stage 2 file with lower torque.

Now he has installed a Sachs organic clutch, he popped back in for an upgrade on the Stage 2 software for additional power and torque. The car still uses the stock IHI turbo which is renowned for introducing power low down in the rev range without the ability to sustain that level in the high rpm. As well as this all other hardware on the car is standard.

Power gained: 20 bhp @ 3,900 rpm

Torque gained: 33 nm

Volkswagen mk6 Golf GTi rolling road dyno graph

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