Volkswagen Golf mk1 rallycross car - Dyno testing

Volkswagen Golf mk1 rallycross car - Dyno testing

Recently we had something fairly different on our dyno. This is a mk1 Volkswagen Golf which is used in various motorsport series, but more commonly autocross events. The owner of the car has been building cars like these for over thirty years, and uses our dyno regularly to check the cars health and set up the jets on various carbs he uses.

As you can see from the photo below, almost everything is made to fit, or made from scratch. It'll be impressive if you know what the fuel tank is from.

Volkswagen mk1 Golf engine bay

The owner, Jon, installed the 1.6 with an aggressive cam which comes into effect at around 4,000 rpm he said. We were lucky on the day because initial testing showed the fuelling wasn't far off at all. A quick adjustment made and the car was finished. As you can tell from the photo below the car is built for purpose, not for show.

Volkswagen mk1 Golf shell

Jon estimated the power would be about 150 bhp with the way the car was set up now, although he mentioned it was more to check the AFR rather than power. That said, he guessed perfectly.

Power: 150 bhp

Torque: 160 nm

Mk1 Volkswagen Golf rolling road dyno graph

Volkswagen mk1 Golf interior

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