Volkswagen Golf R - JB4

Volkswagen Golf R - JB4

After the Audi TT that we tuned recently with the JB4, we had this Volkswagen mk7 Golf R in this morning for another JB4 installation and dyno package. This particular car was manual, so we needed to be careful with how far we raised the torque to prevent clutch slip and ensure longevity of the clutch.

The owner of this car had two previous cars remapped with us, but in the form of an ECU remap, so was keen to test out how the JB4 works with the added functionality. We began installing the JB4, once finished, we tested the car on the rolling road to see what the difference was before and after with brilliant results!

After about 5 minutes of driving the owner called us back to say just how much of a difference the JB4 made and how happy he was.

Power gained: 40 bhp

Torque gained:41 ftlb

Volkswagen Golf R JB4 rolling road dyno graph

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