Volkswagen Golf R mk6 2.0 TFSI - Revo galore!

Volkswagen Golf R mk6 2.0 TFSI - Revo galore!

The owner of this mk6 Volkswagen Golf R used to own a Nissan GTR with a lot of power. After purchasing the mk6 R, he felt it was a bit underpowered and wasn't impressed with the DSG gearbox in standard form. Because of this, we installed a Milltek cat-back system to help improve the noise, as well as the Revo intake kit which has been tested hundreds of times and each time performs brilliantly! To complete the package, we also installed Revo stage 1 ECU software, and the Revo stage 1 DSG software, to really liven up the car.

As you can see on the graph, the combination of ECU and TCU software really allowed the car to rev out and utilise the additional power with the car also sounding fantastic on the dyno.

Power gained: 65 bhp (80 bhp @ 4,200 rpm)

Torque gained: 73 ftlb (90 ftlb @ 4,200 rpm)

Mk6 Golf R rolling road dyno graph

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