Volkswagen mk7 GTD - CustomPro remap

Volkswagen mk7 GTD - CustomPro remap

The owner of this car has had 6 cars to us in the past for ECU remapping so is no stranger to how we work and the results we achieve. This is actually the second mk7 GTD he has owned after owning a mk7 GTi in between but just didn't enjoy it as much as it's diesel counterpart.

This specific model is the DSG model and made almost a perfect stock power figure of 184 bhp. The stock torque was higher than Volkswagen claim but this is common on modern diesels. The graph below shows the difference between the car when standard against our CustomPro remap. You can see power climbs for much longer making peak power 500 rpm later in the rev range than when standard.

Power gained: 40 bhp @ 4,100 rpm

Torque gained: 44 nm (peak to peak, 70 nm @ 4,400 rpm)

Volkswagen Golf GTD rolling road dyno graph

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