Volkswagen Polo 6C GTi - JB1 tuning

Volkswagen Polo 6C GTi - JB1 tuning

With the huge success Burger Motorsport had with their BMW petrol turbo range of products (JB4) they decided to turn their attention to the VAG market, and we're glad they did. They offer units for MQB chassis cars (Volkswagen Golf R, Seat Leon Cupra 280 and 290, and the Audi S3), but they also offer it for the mk7 Golf GTi, Skoda Octavia VRS and the Volkswagen Polo GTi.

It's no secret that the latest DSG gearbox in the Volkswagen Polo GTi is a limiting factor in the power and torque we can achieve, but with our custom map 6 settings on the JB1, in depth diagnostics and datalogging and rolling road testing, we can avoid any issues.

This particular example made brilliant power with the Revo intake kit we supplied and installed prior to the installation and setup of the JB1.

Revo air intake kit for the Volkswagen Polo 6C GTi

We've also had some feedback from the owner of this car who couldn't be happier. His words were "It's completely transformed the car, the difference is amazing. My friend has a standard manual Audi S3 and he was shocked just how quick the car now is".

Power gained: 27 bhp

Torque gained: 26 ftlb

Volkswagen Polo GTi 6c DSG rolling road dyno graph

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