Volkswagen Polo GTi 6c - Airtec intercooler and JB4

Volkswagen Polo GTi 6c - Airtec intercooler and JB4

The owner of the latest Polo GTi Volkswagen have to offer is no stranger to tuning cars with us, neither are family members. After having several cars tuned, parts purchased and supplied by ourselves, the latest project was this car.

This is the manual 1.8 TSI which produces a claimed standard figure of 192 ps and 320 nm (opposed to the 251 nm the DSG model comes with). The car already had a Scorpion cat-back exhaust installed and came to us for the Airtec intercooler and JB4 which we supplied, installed and set up on the dyno with our custom settings.

The photos below show just how much of the brand new car had to be removed to install the intercooler!

Stock intercooler vs. Airtec intercoolerIntercooler removalIntercooler removalIntercooler removalIntercooler install

With the intercooler installed and the car built back up, we installed the JB4 so we could begin tuning. With everything installed the car went on the dyno and we did some testing with the car standar and with our map 6 settings. As expected, the car produced stronger figures than Volkswagen claim making 207 bhp and 349 nm.

Power gained: 39 bhp

Torque gained: 64 nm

Volkswagen Polo 6c GTi rolling road dyno graph

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