Volkswagen Polo GTI 9N3 - CustomPro software

Volkswagen Polo GTI 9N3 - CustomPro software

Yet again, another customer returned to us after being so pleased with the result from his Mercedes ML320 we tuned just before Christmas. This was his "weekend toy" as it was affectionatey referred to. This is an immaculate example of a low mileage 9N3 Volkswagen Polo GTI. This comes equipped with the latest revision of the 20 valve 1.8 turbo engine delivering 150 bhp as standard.

Unfortunately the tank was filled with 95 ron, but the owner was going to use 98/99 ron fuel from here on out. As standard, the car produced 149.8 bhp, something we expected to see judging by the condition of the vehicle.

Unlike the earlier 20vt engines that can be found in the likes of the Mk4 Golf etc. Volkswagen had got rid of the problems in their latest revision of the 1.8 turbo which means we can achieve brilliant power! The dyno graph below shows the difference between standard and with our CustomPro software. We know that with 99 ron fuel, this car will be making over 200bhp! Not bad in a small hatch back!

Power gained: 43 bhp

Torque gained: 45 ftlb

Volkswagen Polo GTi 9N3 CustomPro remap software

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