Volkswagen Scirocco - CustomPro remap

Volkswagen Scirocco - CustomPro remap

We have been tuning a lot of 2.0 diesel cars recently, and that's because of the massive difference in performance and how the car drives after an ECU remap. It is one of the most popular cars to buy and tune because power can be so easily extracted. This is the case with the owner of this Volkswagen Scirocco with the 2.0 commonrail 140 bhp engine.

In terms of an increase in performance, this car is one of the best. After the owner sold his previously remapped A4 2.0 170, he purchased the 140 bhp model and thought the drop in performance was too much so went with our CustomPro software.

Power gained: 43 bhp

Torque gained: 92 nm

Volkswagen Scirocco rolling road dyno graph

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