Volkswagen Transporter - Stage 1 & CustomPro

Volkswagen Transporter - Stage 1 & CustomPro

This Volkswagen Transporter uses the 2.0 commonrail turbo diesel engine producing 102 bhp as standard. With this particuar vehicle we offer two software variations, Stage 1 and CustomPro. The Stage 1 software is designed to give a modest power and torque increase focusing mainly on fuel economy and drivability. The CustomPro software concentrates on performance, looking to extract as much power as possible, but within the safety limitations manufacturers build the car to.

The graph below shows both the Stage 1 software and the CustomPro software overlayed with each other so you can see the differences.

Stage 1 power gain: 36 bhp

Stage 1 torque gain:72 nm

CustomPro power gain:76 bhp

CustomPro torque gain:140 nm

Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 102 rolling road dyno graph

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