Volvo V70 T5 R 300 bhp - CustomPro Software

Volvo V70 T5 R 300 bhp - CustomPro Software

In for our CustomPro remap software was this Volvo V70 R with the 2.5 turbo engine. This particular model comes with 300 bhp as standard and was the rarer manual version. After initial rolling road testing we found the car was producing 277 bhp as standard. For a 2003 car with 4wd, this is around the figure we expected to see.

We began with our CustomPro software writing the first revision of the tuned software ready to flash into the ECU which needed to be removed and programed on the bench. A lot of tuners no longer work with these ECU's as the owner found out, so was delighted when he discovered we can.

After the first file had been installed, we tested the car on the dyno and the car made no additional power. We revised the software, installed it to the ECU and the car made good power, but half way through the rev range, the throttle was closing and the dyno graph showed this obviously. To ensure it wasn't an issue with the dyno, we tested the car on the road and straight away the same thing was happening. We then tried another 4 software version ruling out numerous possibilites for the cause. After getting no where and each file making close to standard power we began to check the hardware. As soon as we removed the mass air flow sensor (MAF) and the boost control solenoid, the car made brilliant power.

Because of this, we knew one of the two sensors was at fault. The first sensor to replace was the boost control solenoid. A quick call to Volvo for a genuine replacement and it was here the following day. As soon as we installed the part and re-tested the car on the dyno, we knew the issue had been solved. After days worth of mapping, diagnostic testing, and datalogs, it was something as a simple sensor replacement which could have saved us and the owner a huge headache.

Without the correct equipment such as a rolling road, dealer level diagnostic equipment, software which is written and designed specifically for the car in question, we would have never known about the fault. This is why we explain to customers the importance of these things. If this car had been into somewhere for a generic "flash map", then the result would have been very disappointing and the cause would not have been found.

In the end, everything worked out, and it worked out brilliantly as you can see from the dyno graph below.

Power gained: 53 bhp

Torque gained: 110 ftlb @ 3,700 rpm

Volvo T5 R rolling road dyno graph

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