BMW ECU Remaps


Here you can find the relevant information for all of your BMW remapping requirements. We offer CustomPro software for all BMW vehicles from the 1 Series, right through to the X6M and everything inbetween. Don't see your vehicle? Contact us to see if we can help you in any way.

About BMW ECU remapping  
Your vehicles engine control unit or ECU controls your engine’s fuelling, injection timing, injection pressure, camshaft position, boost pressure as well as many other parameters. It calculates all of these variables based on engine speed and load. All of this information or code is written in 'maps' which are data tables stored within the memory of the ECU. In order to change how your vehicles engine performs, modifying the maps is the first step. This is called “remapping”.

In most cases we can communicate with your vehicles ECU by connecting to the OBD port. In some cases its not possible to communicate via the OBD port. In that case, we can connect directly to the ECU by removing it and remapping it, or in some cases we need to replace the chip. And while these methods are different, they lead to relatively the same result.


Safety margins
When car manufacturers design a vehicles ECU map they leave a huge margin for safety. During testing, the engine needs to work under full load at 50 degrees Celsius and -30 degrees Celsius for prolonged periods of time. Engines are also tested with the lowest quality fuel and under extremely tough conditions. The safety margin is also put in place because the car will be sold to a wide variety of people with different driving styles.

One of the things that manufacturers generally tune more towards the comfort side is the throttle response. As a driving enthusiast, you’ll probably prefer a more sensitive throttle. In fact, simply adjusting a car’s throttle response can make a big difference in the overall feel of the car.

The good thing is that here in Europe, high octane fuel is easy to find, you rarely see la lower octane fuel than 95ron being sold. This makes it simple to improve an engine’s performance while maintaining the car’s safety margin. During testing on the road and on the dyno, we use real time data during our remaps to measure power gains and engine parameters to create a remap that remains within these safety margins.

Every car we tune undergoes thorough testing on the dyno. For the past 10 years we’ve tuned thousands of cars every year which means we can find the perfect remapping setup to suit your needs.

Not all BMW remaps are the same
In the tuning world cheap power is easily attainable. However, if you’re looking for the best tuning company, you need to look more at quality rather than power and price. And while it’s easy for one tuner to match another in power output, it’s not easy for a sub-par tuner to match a great tuner in quality and reliability. Good remaps are not cheap, cheap remaps are not good!

When it comes to tuning, gaining power isn’t the most important thing. It’s more important that the car retains good driving dynamics and feel with the added power. This is something that only a more experienced, professional tuner that is tuning with a rolling road dyno can give you. A good tuner’s ultimate goal is to create a well-balanced setup while increasing power to the customer’s desired level. This is what sets a high quality tuner apart from the crowd.

Custom BMW tuning
Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that “custom tuning” automatically means quality. This usually isnt the case. To be able to accurately 'custom tune' your engine the tuner must be using a rolling road dyno to aid remapping, and also must be datalogging various parameters such as exhaust emissions, boost pressures, fuel pressure, ignition and/or injection timing, correction factors etc... the fact is that most 'custom remaps' dont include any of this and the term custom is being used as a sales aid. All of our tuning packages are tested and fully optimized for each vehicle and engine on the rolling road dyno.

Power claims
There are lots of tuning companies on the internet and they all have their own list of claims. The problem is that most of these companies have no rolling road dyno or other method of testing the power output before, during or after the remap and the numbers are just a guess, often with wild and unrealistic claims that they often can’t back up. At the Performance centre we only feature the real numbers on our site. We also always stick to our golden rule: Measuring is knowing, and test every car that we tune.

Our Testing methods 
To simply call our dyno a 'rolling road' wouldn’t even come close to describing everything we use it for. From measuring horsepower to developing tuning setups and running simulations it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment in our entire facility. It’s also helped us solve problems that 'normal' garages have been unable to find. Our dyno also allows us to see how a car will perform under many different conditions in a safe environment without ever having to take it out of the building. 

Choosing the right BMW tuner
Remapping an engines ECU is no simple task. Which means it’s very important to choose a tuner that has the experience and care that you deserve.The Performance Centre employs some of the best tuners in the business. Our passion is to make the best better. And that passion is fueled by the results we achieve. We hope to see you and your car at our facility soon!
*all prices are dependant on make, model and the exact specification of the product that you require. For an exact price please contact us.

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