DSG / Auto gearbox Stage 1 tuning


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Stage 1 CustomPro DSG / Auto gearbox Remapping can improve driveability and enjoyment by altering many parameters, including:

Quicker Gear Shifts
Shift speeds can be increased by up to 20%, this improves acceleration times and reduces the delay between gear changes. The quicker shift speeds will also give a smoother transition between gear changes.

Increased Torque Limiter
When tuning the engine management system torque limiters are increased, however if the vehicle is equipped with a DSG or Auto gearbox the power and torque output can be limited by the values set in the gearbox ECU. We raise the DSG torque limiter to match the engine torque output requested by the engine ECU

RPM Limits & RPM Shift Points
RPM limits and shift set points can be adjusted in drive and sports mode. Altering the rpm limiter as part of the engine ECU remap is often not enough on a DSG / Auto equipped vehicle. The gearbox ECU will be recalibrated to math the engine ECU values

Improved Manual Mode
When in manual mode the standard gearbox software will force the gearbox to change up or down at set rpm and load points . With a CustomPro gearbox remap we are able to give you full control by preventing auto changing when in manual mode (vehicle Specific).

Launch Control
Launch control can be enabled (vehicle specific). Launch control will allow you to get a great launch from a standstill by applying full throttle and then releasing the brake.