Intake Valve Cleaning


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Carbon build up is a natural occurance on modern direct injection engines and unfortunately there is no way of preventing it, fortunately we can fix it!

Engines with as little as 20,000 miles on the clock will have a sufficient build up of carbon to cause problems so we recommend having your intake valves checked at these intervals. Poor idle, missfires, lack of throttle response and poor fuel economy are among the most common symptoms of dirty intake valves and can be cured by having our intake valve cleaning service carried out. If you leave the carbon to build, these problems will only worsen and possibly cause further problems or possibly even engine damage.

Once the service is complete your engine will be more responsive, smoother and more powerful. A cleaner intake port will improve air flow through the cylinder head and, improve combustion and lower exhaust emissions. 

The process of cleaning the ports and valves is not simple and some engine dissasembly must be carried out, great care needs to be taken not to damage the cylinder head or the valves themselves. The valves and ports are cleaned with various chemicals and then media blasted and cleaned using a neutralising agent. We require the car for 1 full day to strip down the intake and clean the valves and ports. All gaskets are also replaced as necessary. 

The price is per cylinder, additional costs may be incurred based on make, model and engine version and does not include the cost of replacement gaskets.

Before cleaning:


After cleaning: