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Engine ECU calibration (ECU remapping)

When it comes to tuning any engine, we firmly believe that accuracy, testing and development is the only way to produce an 'engine calibration' (otherwise known as a remap) that is not only safe and reliable but also powerful and responsive, whilst maintaining or improving fuel economy in most cases. This end goal is impossible to achieve without the use of our state of the art 4 wheel drive linked rolling road dyno (4wd rollers that are synchronised mechanically to simulate real road conditions) . It allows us to create a truly custom ECU remap by starting with some baseline power runs and constantly monitor, adjust and measure the true outputs from the engine to see the effect of the changes we have made. All cars that we custom tune on our dyno come with 'before and after' plots of the power, torque, boost pressure and exhaust emissions. When it comes to tune your engine, dont leave it up to the guesswork of a tuner that doesnt have a dyno!

Power Testing

Probably the most commonly asked for test that we offer on our rolling road dyno is power output testing. The dyno allows us to accurately measure:

Power output @ wheels (measured in BHP)
Torque output @ the wheels (measured in FT/LB or Newton Meters)
Power output @ flywheel (measured in BHP)
Torque output @ the flywheel (measured in FT/LB or Newton Meters)
power split between front and rear wheels (4 wheel drive vehicles)
Air - Fuel ratio (measured in Lamba or AFR)
Boost pressure (measured in Psi or Bar)
Road speed at any given RPM in any gear (up to 150mph)
Transmission losses
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    Product testing and development

    With so many products on the market that claim to improve the power output from your engine its hard to know which ones actually work! We use our  V-tech 4x4 linked dyno to develop, test and improve products that we offer for sale through our shop. From exhaust components such as full stainless steel systems to hybrid turbochargers, intake kits and performance ECU software upgrades, we can accurately test and plot the results in an easy to read format so that you can see the true difference that the replacement product has made.