Rolling road power testing 2wd/4wd (3 power runs)

Rolling road power testing 2wd/4wd (3 power runs)



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Rolling Road

Our workshop boasts a Vtech Linked 4 wheel drive dyno – one of only a few linked 4wd dynos in the country (4wd rollers that are synchronised mechanically to simulate real road conditions). We also simulate extreme wind speeds using 2 high pressure 20,000cfm cooling fans and 2 further high pressure cooling fans when required, this ensures your vehicle stays cool during testing to ensure repeatable accuracy and results. 

Many car enthusiasts want to “see” how their car is performing and the modifications they have made. A graph obtained from a rolling road session displays power and torque characteristics across the rev range of the vehicle, we can also datalog up to 150 extra parameters of live data from the vehicles OBD port including Boost, Ignition advance, Intake air temperature, engine load, Air-fuel ratio, fuel pressure etc....

We will carry out 1 warm-up run and then 2 full power runs, then all data will be plotted on a graph, our dyno operator will discuss these results with you and also give you a copy to take home.